Business Process Improvement 

GALMI helps leaders solve business problems that slow companies down and frustrate staff.  How do we do it?  Briefly, by mapping existing business processes, gathering and analyzing data. This data is turned into actionable items that can be embedded into individual and team performance goals.

It's hard to change what has not been analyzed or measured; and we believe most things can be measured.  We favor tackling the 'root' cause of a problem.  Otherwise it can be 'Groundhog Day'; the same problem over and over!  We don't believe sacred cows give better milk!  Give us a call.

Executive Search

Our background in assessment, human resources and organizational culture coupled with our experience as hiring managers, recruiters and candidate researchers enables us to find great talent that will be a 'fit' your resource requirements and company culture.  We are Talent Brokers.

We offer our clients a menu of recruitment services which can be customized to meet their needs.  Our fee is based on performance, and we have a 100% close rate.  As a small firm, we are rarely prevented from approaching the best candidates due to the lock-out provisions that hamper most large firms.

Many top search firms seem content collecting 66% of their fee without closing the search.  Doing well by doing less?  We don't offer 'bait and switch' or hand-offs to junior staff.

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The focus of our consulting is to help companies run more efficiently and effectively.  Most of our calls are from emerging and mid-size tech firms who are afraid they can't scale, either because they lack the right people or systems.  We also get calls from executives who need help addressing complex employee relations or corporate culture issues.  Lately the majority of our consulting has been in the following areas.

HR Automation and Outsourcing

Companies need scalable employee systems that provide accurate, timely and secure data for decision making.  Solid employee data enables HR to be more strategic.

GALMI works with small to mid-sized (3,000 employees) companies to determine requirements, develop RFPs, evaluate vendors and deploy HRMS, Applicant Tracking and ERM solutions.

HR systems impact the entire organization and can be costly to deploy and maintain.  Often HR teams do not have the time or experience to determine detailed specifications and build a business case. That's where we come in.

How is GALMI different?  We have strong HR functional expertise as well as broad product knowledge.  Our consultants have significant experience addressing organizational change issues – the greatest obstacle to successful project implementation. We don’t sell software and we don't receive payment from vendors.  Being solution and platform 'agnostic', our goal is merely to find the best solution for your business and budget.

Talent Acquisition & Retention Programs

Talent is huge.  Having the right talent is mission critical for any company.  The Talent Equation program was created to help clients build Employer Brands that attract and keep exceptional talent.  Many staffing and HR teams focus on applicant management at the expense of recruitment.  Is your team cultivating the talent you'll need to win?  If you are focusing 90% of your time on the hiring process you’ll lose the war for talent.

Recent reports say over 70% of employees are unhappy at work and want to change jobs.  Scary!  Are you building the kind of company that makes winners want to stay?  We help companies improve employee retention.

Project Management

GALMI helps HR teams and executives design and manage project, including: HR strategy and metric development, employee surveys, management training, performance system design, compensation studies, recruitment/staffing design and employee communication strategies.


Employee separations are an unfortunately business reality.  GALMI makes effective outplacement service affordable for any company.  Our career resources are available to your employees until they find a new job – along with unlimited classes on interviewing, resume preparation, salary negotiation and internet search techniques.  We also provide notification training for your managers, and on-site counseling.

GALMI offers the optimal combination of high tech/high touch outplacement service to help your staff make a successful career transition quickly. It's the right thing to do. Now it's affordable.

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GALMI offers private, personalized professional assessment and coaching to help managers and executives expand their self-awareness, adapt to a new role or expectations, prepare for advancement, or generally take their leadership game to the next level.  Our staff of certified executive coaches has years of leadership experience in a variety of industries. 

Looking to establish a formal coaching program at your company? We can help.   Coaching addresses the unique needs, skills and requirements of individual managers and executives, and offers companies an excellent return on investment.

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> Team and Meeting Facilitation
Our team has led off-site strategic planning sessions, board retreats, project meetings and department planning sessions. 

> Interim Management Services 
We offer short term and interim HR and Finance management services for a monthly retainer fee. This service may be used to complete specific projects, department reviews, hiring assignments or as temporary replacement staff for employees who are on leave of absence.